Cohen Becker

Cohen Becker | QLD


Favourite Technique / Species / Fishing Style

Fishing topwater is visually stimulating for me, so which is why most of my angling revolves around sight casting certain species. Primarily I use a walk-the-dog retrieve and change up the speed of my cadence to trigger an aggressive response.

Angling Inspiration

You know David Goggins? When people ask why he’s out running in unbearable heat? He replies, “because you’re not”! And that’s all the inspiration I need. Because you’re not.

My Local (Favourite Fishing Spot)

The lagoons out towards the Central Highlands, brigalow and melaleuca country. It involves a bit of bush walking, stealth and accuracy.

Why I Fish

Fishing is primal and helps you unlock your capabilities. I'm a landbased angler and I honestly enjoy the hunt. The walking, stalking and casting. and as a catch and release angler there is no greater high than catching and releasing a healthy fish. I also love our native Aussie fish species. Saratoga are a perfect example. Seeing these fish in their natural environment is awesome. It’s not all about the fish, it's also about the environments that they live in.


Never fished in a comp.

Favourite Fishing Moment

When I was nine I lived out of town, no electricity, no water or septic. I made fires to cook toast and heat water before school. Two kilometres east from home, I ran crab pots and fished along the coast. There I caught my first mangrove jack, ate my first shark and slept by a fire on the beach. It's a special way to live your life.

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