Seth Seden

Seth Seden | Townsville, QLD


Favourite Technique / Species / Fishing Style

I guess fishing artificials in all forms is exciting to me. Whatever species it may be, challenging yourself to fool them with a piece of plastic or metal can get really addictive. But if I had to choose one species and technique that stands out, it would have to be Jungle Perch (JP) on topwater. JP really teach you how to approach a zone by taking into account feeding habits, water flow and the surrounding environment… and when that 40cm+ perch nails a popper in a crystal clear water, it is epic

Angling Inspiration

I grew up in the Torres Strait so the ocean has been there since I was young. Fishing with my uncles and dad almost on a weekly basis got me very used to the marine environment at a young age. But where fishing with lures came in hard was in grade 7 after watching about a whole year of IFISH religiously after school. I used what I learnt form Paul to buy myself a $29 fishing outfit and caught my first fish on a retrieved lure. Haven’t looked back since.

My Local (Favourite Fishing Spot)

I’ve recently moved to Townsville to study but I’m most familiar with the areas just south of Cairns. The area just offers such diversity in species. You can go from targeting to JP and Sooties to Nannygai to Spanish Mackerel all in the same day if you wanted to.

Why I Fish

For me, it’s the preparation, exploring and isolation. JP fishing in particular takes you to some incredible places – secluded waterfalls, deep gorges and crystal-clear creeks – that would otherwise be hidden if you weren’t chasing this beautiful species. When you’re 12 hours up a creek, standing on a waterfall in the middle of dense rainforest and you stop and listen – that’s why I fish. The disconnectedness. It’s one of the only times I can really feel present. And I imagine it’s the same fishing in any remote location.


I’ve fished three local tournaments and finished first and second in the largest sooty grunter category.

Favourite Fishing Moment

I can’t really specify a single moment. But one that has to be up there is the landing of a diamond trevally. To cut a long story short, I hooked this thing land-based on 5lb and it took me right down to my spool then it got snagged way out on this flat… so I gave to rod to my mate and swam about 100m off this sandy point until I was right over this thing. At this point I had no idea what it was and all I could see was a big flat silver thing about 3 meters beneath me. No goggles, no gloves and I had no idea if I had hooked a stingray or something like that. Fortunately, there was a boat passing by so I waved it down and they were kind enough to lend me a mask. I peered down and stuck around the only piece of seaweed in a 200m radius was this diamond. Swam down grabbed him by the tail and swam back and the whole time I was waiting for a bull shark to nail me. Got some pretty photos, measured her, and sent her back. 77cm to the tip.

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