Trent Blake

Trent Blake | Brisbane, QLD


Favourite Technique / Species / Fishing Style

Jerkbaiting edges for Australian bass early in the morning, especially when they are sitting right up shallow and smashing it in a few twitches.

Angling Inspiration

My mum was the one who got me into fishing. Chasing bass at BP Dam every September holidays in my teenage years is what got me hooked. The AFC Series is what got me into competition fishing and Carl Jocumsen’s never give up attitude and sheer determination is my competition inspiration.

My Local (Favourite Fishing Spot)

Maroon Dam – good all-round dam with plenty of fish. It’s especially for working on fine tuning different techniques. Moogerah Dam – Cause when the fish are active, they hit like trains!

Why I Fish

The second I’m on the water in my boat it is like everything else is just forgotten about. Being able to free your mind and clear your thoughts of the everyday grind and focus on just one thing, how to catch them, is like a form of meditation for myself.


Started in the ABT BASS Electric Series which was a blast! That series fishes some of the best dams in my opinion. Shifted to ABT BASS Pro Series as a non-boater for a few years and learnt so much off the awesome guys/girls that fish it. Recently stepped up in the ABT BASS Pro Series as a boater. Still trying to find my feet, but thoroughly enjoying it.

Favourite Fishing Moment

Any time I’m out fishing with my wife and son. Enjoying a day fishing with them and watching them catch fish is probably the most rewarding part of fishing.

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