ACC3008 Neon Pearl

Great clear water squid jig on sunny days.

ACCZ004 Rasta

Ideal squid jig for first & last light situations.

CLB0362 Green Ghost

Great squid colour for dirty water situations.

DJN0130 Great White

Outstanding flash with pink back for first and last light sessions.

ACC0350 Pearl Baggy Green

Great allrounder colour for night & day.

AFA0157 Herring Ruff

Realistic herring imitation for your natural baitfish look.

AJA0352 Hot Lips

Ideal squid colour for low light conditions.

CCC0326 Clear Chart Orange

Ideal squid jig for first light situations.

ACC0347 Mango Shrimp

Great squid jig for dirty water situations.

CCC0366 Orange Ebi

Clear orange body with tiger stripes for excellent shrimp imitation.

CCC0373 Red Prawn

High contrast with light shine for sunny situations.

CJA0385 Orange Tiger

Outstanding shrimp imitation for clearwater.

DJN0103 Ghost Aji/ Sh Hse Mackeral

Great allrounder colour for night & day.

ACC0350 Baggy Green

DUO D-Squid 95

RRP $19.99
[{"title":"ACC3008 Neon Pearl","length":"95mm \/ 3-3\/4in","weight":"21g \/ 3\/4oz","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","sku":"70260","price":"19.99"},{"title":"ACCZ004 Rasta","length":"95mm \/ 3-3\/4in","weight":"21g \/ 3\/4oz","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","sku":"70261","price":"19.99"},{"title":"CLB0362 Green Ghost","length":"95mm \/ 3-3\/4in","weight":"21g \/ 3\/4oz","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","sku":"70262","price":"19.99"},{"title":"DJN0130 Great White","length":"95mm \/ 3-3\/4in","weight":"21g \/ 3\/4oz","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","sku":"70263","price":"19.99"},{"title":"ACC0350 Pearl Baggy Green","length":"95mm \/ 3-3\/4in","weight":"21g \/ 3\/4oz","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","sku":"70264","price":"19.99"},{"title":"AFA0157 Herring Ruff","length":"95mm \/ 3-3\/4in","weight":"21g \/ 3\/4oz","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","sku":"70265","price":"19.99"},{"title":"AJA0352 Hot Lips","length":"95mm \/ 3-3\/4in","weight":"21g \/ 3\/4oz","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","sku":"70267","price":"19.99"},{"title":"CCC0326 Clear Chart Orange","length":"95mm \/ 3-3\/4in","weight":"21g \/ 3\/4oz","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","sku":"70268","price":"19.99"},{"title":"ACC0347 Mango Shrimp","length":"95mm \/ 3-3\/4in","weight":"21g \/ 3\/4oz","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","sku":"70269","price":"19.99"},{"title":"CCC0366 Orange Ebi","length":"95mm \/ 3-3\/4in","weight":"21g \/ 3\/4oz","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","sku":"70270","price":"19.99"},{"title":"CCC0373 Red Prawn","length":"95mm \/ 3-3\/4in","weight":"21g \/ 3\/4oz","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","sku":"70271","price":"19.99"},{"title":"CJA0385 Orange Tiger","length":"95mm \/ 3-3\/4in","weight":"21g \/ 3\/4oz","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","sku":"70272","price":"19.99"},{"title":"DJN0103 Ghost Aji\/ Sh Hse Mackeral","length":"95mm \/ 3-3\/4in","weight":"21g \/ 3\/4oz","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","sku":"70273","price":"19.99"}]
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A squid jig for a “tip-run” method

D-Squid is a special model developed for the new “tip-run” method. By eliminating the feather wing which caused drag and internalizing the weight in the body, it reaches the bottom at a speedy rate and allows a light yet sharp darting action in the deep zone. Moreover, we have realized a body shape which allows the lure to maintain an ideal body position after the darting action. This results in the increase of bites and eliminates the annoying problem of the hook catching the line. We have 2 body sizes, 95mm (21g) and 105mm (27g). The 95mm and the 105mm will show its true potential at 15m (or deeper) and 20m (or deeper) respectively. Another attraction to the D-Squid is the color line-up. Based on the already successful squid jig colors, we have given it a high quality “lure-like” taste to it. The angler can select from the vast choice of colors depending on the field conditions and activeness of the squid. With the D-squid, you will easily be able to reach those deep zones and in fast flowing currents never fished before.





Sinking (Fixed Weight)






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