AHA0011 Sardine

Excellent bait fish imitation with high flash.

AHA0187 Blue Pink Sardine

Outstanding high flash with a blue & pink mix.

AJO0091 Ivory Halo

Classic bait fish imitation with high flash sides for all your offshore conditions.

AJA0287 Tropical Sardine

Vibrant tropical colours with high flash sardine sides.

ADA0009 Pink Back

High flash with pink back. Great for attracting those fast moving pelagic.

GDA0020 Blue Back

Dark high flash body with blue back for your ideal sardine imitation.

DUO Press Bait 125HD

RRP $34.99
[{"title":"AHA0011 Sardine","length":"125mm\/4-7\/8in","weight":"43g \/ 1-1\/2oz","hook":"-","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","sku":"71010","price":"34.99"},{"title":"AHA0187 Blue Pink Sardine","length":"125mm\/4-7\/8in","weight":"43g \/ 1-1\/2oz","hook":"-","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","sku":"71011","price":"34.99"},{"title":"AJO0091 Ivory Halo","length":"125mm\/4-7\/8in","weight":"43g \/ 1-1\/2oz","hook":"-","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","sku":"71013","price":"34.99"},{"title":"AJA0287 Tropical Sardine","length":"125mm\/4-7\/8in","weight":"43g \/ 1-1\/2oz","hook":"-","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","sku":"71015","price":"34.99"},{"title":"ADA0009 Pink Back","length":"125mm\/4-7\/8in","weight":"43g \/ 1-1\/2oz","hook":"-","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","sku":"71012","price":"34.99"},{"title":"GDA0020 Blue Back","length":"125mm\/4-7\/8in","weight":"43g \/ 1-1\/2oz","hook":"-","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","sku":"71014","price":"34.99"}]
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A heavy-duty, high response lure.

The Press Bait Heavy Duty Series possesses a ‘level fall’ (sinking horizontally) and a natural swimming response. It also has the strength to withstand the brunt of repeated attacks by large migratory fish species. The body strength is due to the semi-solid, internal wire structure, which we managed to combine with a positive action response – indeed a difficult-to-realize combination.

The 125mm is most productive for Tuna feeding on small sardines. It is equipped with sufficient weight for use with heavy tackle as well.



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