GEA3006 Ghost Minnow

An excellent all-rounder colour suited to clear to semi-clear water and bright and overcast conditions.

DPA3268 Bronze Gill

High flash colour ideal for coloured water and overcast conditions.

CCC3276 LV Shad

High flash baitfish profile for clear water and bright conditions.

AJA3087 Shadow Halo

Strong colour with plenty of flash, suited to overcast conditions, dark and green hued water.

DUO Realis Apex Vibe 100

RRP $31.99
[{"title":"GEA3006 Ghost Minnow","length":"100mm \/ 3-7\/8in","weight":"32g \/ 1-1\/8oz","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","hook":"#2","sku":"71020","price":"31.99"},{"title":"DPA3268 Bronze Gill","length":"100mm \/ 3-7\/8in","weight":"32g \/ 1-1\/8oz","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","hook":"#2","sku":"71021","price":"27.99"},{"title":"CCC3276 LV Shad","length":"100mm \/ 3-7\/8in","weight":"32g \/ 1-1\/8oz","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","hook":"#2","sku":"71022","price":"27.99"},{"title":"AJA3087 Shadow Halo","length":"100mm \/ 3-7\/8in","weight":"32g \/ 1-1\/8oz","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","hook":"#2","sku":"71023","price":"27.99"}]
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The APEX of fishing.

When thoughts are put into motion by one of the world’s most dominant professional bass anglers, you know you have reached the APEX of fishing.

It's the culmination of big bass battles, raw competition, and gritty challenges of environmental conditions. It’s the collection of fish behavior, and lure articulation. APEX is the thoughts and actions of the world’s most consistent angler combined with the creativity and refinement of one of Japan’s highly regarded lure designers. Together they give rise to a line of lures for the competitive and discriminating spirits with a desire to use the right tool when pursuing their quarry.

The first in the line up to rise with the sun is the APEX VIBE 100. APEX VIBE 100 is a giant lipless crank. 4 inches long (100 mm) and 1 1/8 oz. (32 grams) provides a prey object for big bass. Deep-water bass pursued and ate the lure with little effort during R&D sessions. The VIBE 100 has a unique pulsation, more like a “thumping” vibration than a rapid bee vibration. The action displaces significant amounts of water yet swims sinuously during the retrieve (much like a thumbing spinnerbait). It can be retrieved at different speeds. The lure sheds water and obstructions equally well and can be fished deep at angle or vertically. When paused or allowed to fall, it does so keel-first and at angle. It will rest in an upright position allowing crankbait artists to “rip and drop” the lure, enacting its vibration immediately. The APEX VIBE will potentially offer the serious angler another niche presentation within lipless crankbait fishing.





Sinking (Fixed Weight)








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