CSX3158 Mirror Gill

Strong bold colour ideal for coloured water and overcast conditions.

ADA3066 Funky Gill

Suited to low light conditions and semi-clear/cloudy water.

GEA3006 Ghost Minnow

An excellent all-rounder colour suited to clear to semi-clear water and bright and overcast conditions.

DSH3061 Komochi Wakasagi

Natural baitfish pattern with a touch of colour, great for semi-clear water and overcast conditions.

AJO0091 Ivory Halo

High flash baitfish profile for clear water and bright conditions.

DRA3050 Half Mirror Ayu

Strong high flash colour great for semi-clear water and overcast conditions.

DUO Realis Pencil 65

RRP $25.99
[{"title":"CSX3158 Mirror Gill","length":"65mm \/ 2-1\/2in","weight":"5.5g \/ 1\/5oz","type":"Floating (Moving Weight)","hook":"#6","sku":"71070","price":"25.99"},{"title":"ADA3066 Funky Gill","length":"65mm \/ 2-1\/2in","weight":"5.5g \/ 1\/5oz","type":"Floating (Moving Weight)","hook":"#6","sku":"71071","price":"23.99"},{"title":"GEA3006 Ghost Minnow","length":"65mm \/ 2-1\/2in","weight":"5.5g \/ 1\/5oz","type":"Floating (Moving Weight)","hook":"#6","sku":"71072","price":"23.99"},{"title":"DSH3061 Komochi Wakasagi","length":"65mm \/ 2-1\/2in","weight":"5.5g \/ 1\/5oz","type":"Floating (Moving Weight)","hook":"#6","sku":"71073","price":"23.99"},{"title":"AJO0091 Ivory Halo","length":"65mm \/ 2-1\/2in","weight":"5.5g \/ 1\/5oz","type":"Floating (Moving Weight)","hook":"#6","sku":"71074","price":"23.99"},{"title":"DRA3050 Half Mirror Ayu","length":"65mm \/ 2-1\/2in","weight":"5.5g \/ 1\/5oz","type":"Floating (Moving Weight)","hook":"#6","sku":"71075","price":"23.99"}]
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With a spherical chin and balls of steel, the little 65 has the ability of its bigger Pencil brothers. With its compact size, it will go where other lures will not go. Test its excellent castability and accurate movement in the field! With a front end designed for an easy walk the dog and a back end with free moving weights making a great sound, the Pencil 65 has more than a few strong points! The Realis Pencil 65 is the latest addition to DUO's Pencil family, a product range that sets the standard for walking baits.





Floating (Moving Weight)








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