DRA3050 Half Mirror Ayu

Strong high flash colour great for semi-clear water and overcast conditions.

DSH3061 Komochi Wakasagi

Natural baitfish pattern with a touch of colour, great for semi-clear water and overcast conditions.

ADA3058 Prism Gill

High flash colour ideal for coloured water and overcast conditions.

ADA3197 Violet Gill YB

Strong high flash colour great for semi-clear water and overcast conditions.

GEA3006 Ghost Minnow

An excellent all-rounder colour suited to clear to semi-clear water and bright and overcast conditions.

CCC3158 Ghost Gill

An excellent baitfish pattern with plenty of contrast. Suited to all conditions.

DUO Realis Rozante 63SP

RRP $26.99
[{"title":"DRA3050 Half Mirror Ayu","length":"63mm \/ 2-1\/2in","weight":"5g \/ 1\/6oz","type":"Suspending (Magnet Assisted Weight)","hook":"#10","sku":"71123","price":"23.99"},{"title":"DSH3061 Komochi Wakasagi","length":"63mm \/ 2-1\/2in","weight":"5g \/ 1\/6oz","type":"Suspending (Magnet Assisted Weight)","hook":"#10","sku":"71125","price":"23.99"},{"title":"ADA3058 Prism Gill","length":"63mm \/ 2-1\/2in","weight":"5g \/ 1\/6oz","type":"Suspending (Magnet Assisted Weight)","hook":"#10","sku":"71120","price":"23.99"},{"title":"ADA3197 Violet Gill YB","length":"63mm \/ 2-1\/2in","weight":"5g \/ 1\/6oz","type":"Suspending (Magnet Assisted Weight)","hook":"#10","sku":"71121","price":"23.99"},{"title":"GEA3006 Ghost Minnow","length":"63mm \/ 2-1\/2in","weight":"5g \/ 1\/6oz","type":"Suspending (Magnet Assisted Weight)","hook":"#10","sku":"71122","price":"23.99"},{"title":"CCC3158 Ghost Gill","length":"63mm \/ 2-1\/2in","weight":"5g \/ 1\/6oz","type":"Suspending (Magnet Assisted Weight)","hook":"#10","sku":"71124","price":"23.99"}]
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A finesse jerkbait with superior targeting and fluid darting.

The Realis Rozante 63SP is the first of the special brand off the Realis series “Grade-A”. The beefy body has been equipped with a magnet detaching moving weight system for absolute castability for land based anglers to get their lure out in strong head winds and side winds. Despite the small 63mm body sized, anglers will be able to utilize the finesse bait-tackle. The pulsation created by the lure is more of a “short pitched” action created by those bait fish trying to get away from a hungry bass, than those weak bait-fish drifting along. This consequently activates the feeding switch for the bass as soon as the lure comes into sight even with simple slow ~ fast retrieval. Furthermore, the lure can be worked as a shad type lure with a panicking dart like action through twitching of the rod, enabling anglers to invoke a bite from a bass in the least amount of distance. This lure will surely help those land-based anglers in a “linear” style of fishing of straight retrieval and a “spot-light” style of fishing with its panic dart action.





Suspending (Magnet Assisted Weight)








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