ADA3058 Prism Gill

High flash colour ideal for coloured water and overcast conditions.

ADA4013 Wakasagi

High flash, high-contrast baitfish colour suited to semi-clear water to semi-overcast conditions.

GEA3006 Ghost Minnow

An excellent all-rounder colour suited to clear to semi-clear water and bright and overcast conditions.

DRH3060 HR Ayu

Strong high flash colour great for semi-clear water and overcast conditions.

DSH3061 Komochi Wakasagi

Natural baitfish pattern with a touch of colour, great for semi-clear water and overcast conditions.

CCC3181 Gold Gill

Bold colour for overcast conditions.

DUO Realis Shad 52MR

RRP $25.99
[{"title":"ADA3058 Prism Gill","length":"52mm \/ 2in","weight":"3.8g \/ 1\/8oz","type":"Suspending (Magnet Assisted Weight)","hook":"#10","sku":"71140","price":"24.99"},{"title":"ADA4013 Wakasagi","length":"52mm \/ 2in","weight":"3.8g \/ 1\/8oz","type":"Suspending (Magnet Assisted Weight)","hook":"#10","sku":"71141","price":"24.99"},{"title":"GEA3006 Ghost Minnow","length":"52mm \/ 2in","weight":"3.8g \/ 1\/8oz","type":"Suspending (Magnet Assisted Weight)","hook":"#10","sku":"71142","price":"24.99"},{"title":"DRH3060 HR Ayu","length":"52mm \/ 2in","weight":"3.8g \/ 1\/8oz","type":"Suspending (Magnet Assisted Weight)","hook":"#10","sku":"71143","price":"24.99"},{"title":"DSH3061 Komochi Wakasagi","length":"52mm \/ 2in","weight":"3.8g \/ 1\/8oz","type":"Suspending (Magnet Assisted Weight)","hook":"#10","sku":"71144","price":"24.99"},{"title":"CCC3181 Gold Gill","length":"52mm \/ 2in","weight":"3.8g \/ 1\/8oz","type":"Suspending (Magnet Assisted Weight)","hook":"#10","sku":"71145","price":"24.99"}]
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Compact package with that additional bite factor.

The long awaited downsized model of the forever popular Realis Shad, loaded with a variety of attributes starting with its outstanding action response able to handle a various retrieval speeds. The magnetic securing moving weight system has also given it top of the range casting distance and the carefully designed body balance reduces any snags. It has inherited the basic specifications of the 59 and 62 models with an added “bite” to it. It should be able to produce you quality fish throughout the year even in your sensitive and selective fields.





Suspending (Magnet Assisted Weight)








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