ADA3058 Prism Gill

High flash colour ideal for coloured water and overcast conditions.

AJA3055 Chart Gill Halo

Suited for green hued water and Aussie natives.

CCC3173 Shadow OB

The go-to colour for dark water, overcast conditions and night time.

CCC3310 Clear Glitter Gill

High flash baitfish colour suited to overcast conditions and clear water.

DPA3244 Bloody Gold Black

High contrast, high flash colour suited to dark water and low light periods.

CCC3316 Glitter Shad

High flash baitfish colour suited to overcast conditions and clear water.

DUO Realis Vibration Nitro 65

RRP $25.99
[{"title":"ADA3058 Prism Gill","length":"65mm \/ 2-1\/2in","weight":"17.5g \/ 5\/8oz","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","hook":"#6","sku":"71170","price":"24.99"},{"title":"AJA3055 Chart Gill Halo","length":"65mm \/ 2-1\/2in","weight":"17.5g \/ 5\/8oz","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","hook":"#6","sku":"71171","price":"24.99"},{"title":"CCC3173 Shadow OB","length":"65mm \/ 2-1\/2in","weight":"17.5g \/ 5\/8oz","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","hook":"#6","sku":"71172","price":"24.99"},{"title":"CCC3310 Clear Glitter Gill","length":"65mm \/ 2-1\/2in","weight":"17.5g \/ 5\/8oz","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","hook":"#6","sku":"71173","price":"24.99"},{"title":"DPA3244 Bloody Gold Black","length":"65mm \/ 2-1\/2in","weight":"17.5g \/ 5\/8oz","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","hook":"#6","sku":"71174","price":"24.99"},{"title":"CCC3316 Glitter Shad","length":"65mm \/ 2-1\/2in","weight":"17.5g \/ 5\/8oz","type":"Sinking (Fixed Weight)","hook":"#6","sku":"71175","price":"24.99"}]
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DUO takes lipless crankbait design and performance to the next level with the Nitro 65. With a body designed to push water and cut through current, the Nitro 65 delivers more torque and power then ever before. 

The new innovative design allows a slower sink rate compared to other lipless crankbaits on market, and offers the fish more chance to bite the lure. Whether your using a slow rolling retrieve, lift n’ drop, or any of your favourite lipless retrieves the Nitro 65 is designed and tuned for optimum performance, and bite response. 

Newly designed with more torque and power the Nitro 65 is a must-have for all lipless crankbait anglers.





Sinking (Fixed Weight)








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