DHH0156 Goldfish

High flash colour, excellent for low light conditions when the angler wants to be able to see their lure as they’re working it.

DHH0317 Clear Pink GB

Suited to bight/clear conditions with a pink head that makes it easy to see the lure as it’s being worked.

AQA0111 White Glow

High flash baitfish profile for clear water and bright conditions.

CTA0375 Tiger Shrimp

Match the hatch in any conditions with this shrimp imitation.

DUO Tetra Works Poco Poco

RRP $25.99
[{"title":"DHH0156 Goldfish","length":"40mm \/ 1-5\/8in","weight":"3.0g \/ 1\/10oz","type":"Floating (Fixed Weight)","hook":"~#12","sku":"71292","price":"23.99"},{"title":"DHH0317 Clear Pink GB","length":"40mm \/ 1-5\/8in","weight":"3.0g \/ 1\/10oz","type":"Floating (Fixed Weight)","hook":"~#12","sku":"71293","price":"23.99"},{"title":"AQA0111 White Glow","length":"40mm \/ 1-5\/8in","weight":"3.0g \/ 1\/10oz","type":"Floating (Fixed Weight)","hook":"~#12","sku":"71291","price":"23.99"},{"title":"CTA0375 Tiger Shrimp","length":"40mm \/ 1-5\/8in","weight":"3.0g \/ 1\/10oz","type":"Floating (Fixed Weight)","hook":"~#12","sku":"71290","price":"23.99"}]
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Micro popper for the topwater game.

Weighing in at a micro size of 40mm and 3.0 grams, this little popper fights well above its weight!
Perfectly balanced to get maximum casting distance, the Poco Poco can be worked slowly on the surface with small pops and pauses or at a faster pass, imitating a fleeing baitfish or prawn. At rest, it sits slightly tail down making it easier for predatory fish to commit and hook up.
Available in 4 colour selections, the Poco Poco is perfect if you’re looking to downsize your presentation while maintaining a big attitude.





Floating (Fixed Weight)








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